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We share our clients success stories and explain how our expert solicitors have met our clients complex divorce and family law needs.

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Entitlement to pension

As expert family law solicitors, one of the most common questions we get asked, is whether or not a spouse is entitled to a share of their partner’s pension upon...

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Undisclosed properties

Full and frank disclosure of assets is one of the key parts of the financial element of the divorce process. Without it, it is impossible to come to a fair...

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Pension saved for serving member

A member of the armed forces came to us and explained that his marriage had come to an end. Although he had been in the armed forces for 20 years,...

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Securing a positive future

Not all of our clients who come to us for advice are married and wanting a divorce. An unmarried mother, who was the victim of domestic violence, came to see...

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Advising father in relation to children matters

When a relationship ends, difficult decisions can put a great deal of stress and strain on all parties involved. One of our clients, whose relationship with his partner (they were...

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Safe and secure return of child

A father came to us for advice after having not seen his child for 5 months. After speaking with the father, it became apparent that although the mother was based...

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Child returned home safely

A father, who was worried that his child had been taken out of school and moved over to America, got in touch with one of our solicitors for advice. He...

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Unequal assets

We are often approached by people who are about to get married and would like to protect their assets, if their marriage was ever to break down. Our client, who...

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Clients protecting their future

Our client and her partner, who were both in their early fifties and had been married before, had decided to get married. They both had children from previous relationships and...

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