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Complex Financial Negotiations

Negotiating any financial decisions during divorce is complex, often filled with confusion and frustrating limitations.

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By working with Austin Kemp, we can help ensure even the most complex financial negotiations go well. Each situation warrants a comprehensive view of your legal options and rights.

Austin Kemp has the experience and proven results to support you in complex financial negotiations. Our legal specialists will guide you through the entire process, including:

  • Understanding your rights
  • Conducting financial audits as needed
  • Informing you of the law in your specific circumstances
  • Filling for injunctions to freeze the sale of assets
  • Division of property proposals and negotiations
  • Insight into protecting your inheritance and earnings

With the support of Austin Kemp, you will have the knowledge you need to make wise decisions about your unique situation. With complex financial negotiations, knowledge is powerful. Allow our legal specialists to provide insight and support as you navigate this process.

How to Negotiate a Financial Settlement

Creating a fair divorce settlement tends to be the goal of the Court. Yet, what is fair to you and your spouse may be very different. The Court may have its own opinion too. To manage complex financial negotiations, having a highly skilled professional by your side is critical throughout this process. Our team of specialist divorce solicitors can guide and support you throughout this negotiation process, working aggressively within the letter of the law to ensure your rights remain protected.

When partners or spouses separate, there are often numerous financial issues to resolve. This could include:

  • Division of capital, including your investments, savings, and home itself
  • Pensions, including various options on how pensions should be managed in divorce
  • Trust management, especially in relation to business assets or other assets held within a trust
  • Income, including whether or not one spouse should continue to provide financial support for the other spouse
  • Liabilities, including debts incurred during the relationship and other outstanding debts
  • Inheritance and the limitations or protections on inherited monies occurring before, during, or after the separation

To negotiate a financial settlement, your divorce solicitor will discuss what the financial conditions are, create a plan for understanding the full picture, and then present a way of fair division as it applies in that situation.

From there, it may be necessary to work with the other party’s solicitor and the Court to negotiate a fair outcome.

The Importance of Financial Negotiations

Under the law, specifically, Section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, the Court must follow very specific steps throughout this process. A checklist of factors must be followed and each factor’s importance is dependent on the specific individual case.

There is not always a clear-cut, straightforward answer to all complex financial negotiations. Without the legal support of an experienced solicitor, the decisions made in your case may not be fair, equal, or even reasonable.

Yet, the decisions made here are going to impact your future for years to come. As you start on your path to divorce, you need to have a solid financial footing, which is much harder to do if you are already limited due to misunderstanding or a lack of evidence. When you work with our divorce solicitors, we work closely with you to ensure you know your rights and handle all complex financial negotiations on your behalf, reducing risk and increasing the likelihood of a desirable outcome.

Tips for Financial Negotiations

When working with our specialist divorce solicitors, we will provide very specific information and tips to guide you through the legal process. There are some factors that can play a role in every case, though.

  • Evidence is key. If you believe that your spouse is hiding assets of any type, provide that information to your solicitor. Enable us to gather information the Court needs in making key decisions.
  • Protect your rights by communicating less. In complex financial negotiations, it is best to refrain from making comments that could later impact your ability to obtain a fair financial order. Avoid social media comments and statements made to friends and family.
  • Limit the scope of your purchases. If you want to buy a house after divorce, allow your legal team to advise you on when to do so to avoid any negative judgment from the Court.
  • Know your rights. Under law, most people are entitled to fair compensation and assets based on the length of the relationship and legal grounds. Yet, many people do not know their rights and may elect to provide their spouse or partner with more than they are entitled to. Work with a financial specialist through a divorce to reduce this risk.
  • Be honest and open with your law team. Negotiating complex financial settlements requires as much information as possible. Ultimately, the goal is to transfer property after divorce in a way that meets the Court’s requirements but supports your future. Remember that you have protection with your solicitor. Be open about concerns, assets and liabilities in advance.
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What to Consider When Negotiating a Financial Settlement

When creating a plan for complex financial negotiations during divorce, consider the data and evidence available. Some areas of cost could include:

  • What each party owned prior to the marriage or relationship
  • The length of the relation
  • The fault in why it ended
  • The custody of children
  • The types of assets awarded
  • Each party’s ability to support themselves after divorce
  • What you are entitled to during divorce

Negotiations can be a powerful process, especially when you have legal guidance to support you through this process. The more information you have, the better the decisions can be made.

Empower Austin Kemp to Help You

Austin Kemp has highly specialized and experienced divorce solicitors to help you through all of these complex financial negotiations. With our experience and our ability to listen to you, we will create a plan to help you achieve your desired outcome.

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