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How to negotiate a financial settlement and the dangers of getting it wrong!

The process of getting a divorce can be a highly emotional experience. Sometimes, couples find it hard to talk to each other without arguing, especially when finances are discussed. Emotionally charged discussions can make it hard for couples to reach conclusions about their financial settlement.

Asking a solicitor to negotiate on your behalf can take a great deal of stress out of the divorce proceedings. You will not have to discuss finances directly with your spouse, as your solicitors can do this for you, on your instruction. Your solicitor is also able to offer you advice throughout every part of the negotiation process, making sure that you get the best financial settlement possible. Sometimes, having a solicitor negotiating for you can give you that much needed distance from your spouse.


Austin Kemp has a team of solicitors who specialise in high net worth individuals and are highly skilled in negotiating on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome for you. If a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached then we are experienced in taking your case to court and can also advise on international court proceedings, if necessary.


What kind of solicitor should I instruct?

When you’re looking for a solicitor to instruct with regards to your divorce proceedings, it’s important to find a practice that specialises in divorce, such as Austin Kemp. This way you will feel more comfortable that they have the specialist knowledge necessary to get you the best possible divorce settlement.

Within a solicitor’s practice, you will have a choice of various different solicitors and it’s important that you choose one that you will feel comfortable with. Here at Austin Kemp, all of our solicitors are highly skilled divorce solicitors who specialise in high net worth individuals or their spouses. If your divorce has an international element to it, think about picking a practice that specialises in this and can offer you advice on international court proceedings, such as Austin Kemp.

Choosing a specialist solicitor that you feel comfortable with can make a difficult and emotional process much easier. Your solicitor should clearly explain what divorce proceedings involve and set out your options for you. A good solicitor will always make going to court a last resort as this can be a particularly stressful and expensive experience for you.

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