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LGBTQ Families

Over the years, various lifestyles have faced a lot of challenges and criticism, especially family life.

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One of the communities that has faced a lot of backlash is the LGBTQ community. The LGBTQ community has historically come under sharp criticism for what they believe is right.

But as the year passes by, these LGBTQ problems have begun to lessen, thanks to the current state of law that governs this practice. Solicitors from various firms are working with the LGBTQ and ally networks to ensure their rights are not trampled. These laws allow for an open and inclusive environment where LGBTQ members can get the advice they need for their specific circumstances.

Here at Austin Kemp, we help LGBTQ families with issues that can affect their members as far as the law is concerned. We understand that LGBTQ families differ on their issues, and therefore, we work with our clients to make them understand their needs, background, circumstances, and concerns.

LGBTQ Relationships and the Law

On relationships, there’s a slight difference in the law that applies to mixed-sex couples and same-sex couples. With our many years of experience, we are able to assist clients to get through the toughest experience of their lives. We tailor our approach to ensure each client gets the support they need while looking for relevant legal processes.

A sharp increase in the number of same-sex couples has also seen us helping LGBTQ clients who have been in long-term relationships but have not formalised the relationship legally. If you’re planning to move in with your partner, contribute to a mortgage, or renovate your house together, you may need a Cohabitation Agreement.

Our property litigation team also works closely with our clients, who are concerned about their separation rights, and advises them on the best way forward. You can find more information on Austin Kemp’s Property Ownership After Divorce. If your marriage is facing hurdles, you may consider preparing a Prenuptial Agreement or Pre Civil Partnership Agreement to protect your assets in case there’s a separation.

If you have a pre-civil partnership agreement and are planning to convert your partnership into a marriage, then you need to update your existing agreement to reflect the new status of your relationship. We’ve also been helping clients with international connections when it comes to preparing agreements or where significant assets are at play.

We understand that breaking up in a marriage or civil partnership can be stressful and confusing, especially when one party is leaving a heterosexual relationship behind. Our solicitors understand well what’s required to this extent and will work closely with you to minimise the stress that comes when ending a relationship. We advise you on the following aspects of the relationship:

  • Financial arrangements
  • The divorce process
  • Separation
  • When you’re considering a divorce or separation

Starting an LGBTQ Family

Starting an LGBTQ family isn’t that difficult. It doesn’t require you to disburse so much to start this kind of family. As long as you agree to start a family, you can do so through co-parenting arrangements, donor conception, surrogacy, or adoption. We’ve helped many LGBTQ clients start their journeys, and we’re very aware of how special, emotional, and even stressful this can be.

When it comes to surrogacy, the surrogate, and their spouse are the child’s legal parents under English Law. When you want full ownership of the child, you must obtain a parental order from the court to change this position. Our family, immigration, and private client solicitors work closely to ensure you get the assistance you need on international and domestic surrogacy arrangements.

When you use a sperm donor, there are various factors that will determine the child’s legal parents. These factors include the status of the intended parents’ relationship and the conception method. You should take the advice as early as possible, especially if there’s a concern over your status as a parent.

Sometimes, you may have disagreements concerning children, their upbringing, where they should live, or how they should be financially supported. We have family solicitors with full experience who can advise you on such issues. This helps reduce conflict and ensures you solve the matter as quickly and amicably as possible. Other matters we can advise you concerning your children include:

  • Child abduction
  • Thinking of relocating
  • Thinking about the children
  • Spending time with your children
  • Financial provision for children

Talking to your children about separation or LGBTQ-related topics isn’t that easy. And this worries LGBTQ families a lot. We understand that children get confused, and understanding the change can be a problem. We ensure parents are able to approach these circumstances in a way that minimises negativity and encourages healthy adjustment.

We work with other expert professionals, such as counsellors, mediators, child and family therapists, and child psychologists, to help parents whenever they need us.

Gender Identity

As the law keeps on changing, the trans and other non-cis gender communities are finding it difficult to cope with these social changes that keep on taking place. We’re very concerned with issues affecting our clients, and we’re able to provide clear and reasoned advice on any difficult circumstances that our clients may fall into.

At Austin Kemp’s divorce solicitors, we help our clients understand the current state of law and help them navigate any challenges they may face. For example, a transgender person may wish to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate, but the partner isn’t consenting. In this case, we help our clients go through the process in a swift manner without misunderstanding.

In addition, a person’s gender can be legally changed when carrying a child. Still, when registering, the traditional mother and father titles on the birth certificate may not fit the way they want in their family. We will help clients understand what needs to be done here without affecting both parties.

How Can Austin Kemp’s Divorce Solicitors Help You

Austin Kemp’s divorce solicitors can help you when it comes to understanding your LGBTQ rights. These include:

If you want to end your civil relationship, Austin Kemp divorce solicitors can help you apply for the dissolution of your partnership or even respond to an application from your ex-partner. Our solicitors can help you put up a strong case to enable you to secure your divorce in the end.

Our divorce solicitors can also help you with aspects you require to end your relationship, including your finances, dividing assets, and making arrangements for your children. Other ways that Austin Kemp’s divorce solicitors may help you include pre-nuptial and pre-registration agreements, living together agreements, parental agreements, and surrogacy and sperm donation.

Why Choose Us

At Austin Kemp’s divorce solicitors, we’ve come a long way as far as LGBTQ laws are concerned. Our main objectives are to ensure that our LGBTQ clients are not left behind in understanding their legal rights. Not so long ago, same-sex couples had problems regarding their relationships, leave alone the right to have children.

But that’s now a thing of the past. Our solicitors understand every detail that surrounds the LGBTQ world and are always ready to offer their advice whenever they’re needed. As the law keeps on evolving, our solicitors understand every detail and are always engaged with the LGBTQ community.

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Getting in touch with a reliable solicitor will help you and your family get over legal issues faster and in a more affordable way. Austin Kemp’s Divorce Solicitors can advise you on several legal issues affecting your LGBTQ relationship.

They will also take you step by step through understanding the LGBTQ world, from consultation to finance all the way to resolution. Contact us today, and let’s help you enjoy your new found life without interfering or catching up with the law.

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