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We are Austin Kemp – a specialist divorce law firm with a focus on complex finance divorce cases. By delivering strategic advice which is high quality, focused and consistently excellent we maintain an outstanding success record.

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Divorce and Separation

We provide expert professional advice on a number of complex legal issues covering a wide range of topics such as marriage, civil partnerships, cohabitation, divorce and more.

Once having made the difficult decision to separate, we provide clients with strategic advice which is focused on their needs to help them decide on a course of action that best achieves their objectives. We advise our clients on divorce or civil partnership dissolution, judicial separation or a separation agreement. Our expert lawyers at Austin Kemp also have experience in assisting clients who have not been married or civilly partnered.

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Our services cover a range of legal services dealing with children's matters. This includes arrangements for children when their parents separate, same sex parenting and international relocation.

Disputes over children can involve many issues, when parents decide to separate. The issues can range from living arrangements, financial provisions, education to medical treatment and international relocation. Our expert lawyers at Austin Kemp have experience in dealing with such issues.

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Our team provides advice on various financial matters within family law including enforcements of financial orders, variation or capitalisation of financial orders and setting aside financial orders.

Our specialist team have adopted a successful style of dealing with complex financial negotiations due to an understanding of our client’s needs and objectives. Our specialist commercial litigation approach helps us to achieve the best possible settlement for our clients in family law proceedings.

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