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We are Austin Kemp Solicitors – specialist divorce solicitors with client meeting offices located in Manchester. We focus on complex finance divorce cases. By delivering strategic advice which is high quality, focused and consistently excellent we maintain an outstanding success record.

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    Why use our Divorce Solicitors and Divorce Lawyers in Manchester for your Divorce?

    We are Austin Kemp Solicitors – specialist divorce solicitors and divorce lawyers with client meeting offices located in Manchester (M2 4PD). We focus on complex finance divorce cases. By delivering strategic advice which is high quality, focused and consistently excellent we maintain an outstanding success record.

    As one of the Manchester’s leading expert divorce solicitors and divorce lawyers, we are committed to getting you the outcome you want and we know how important it is to be listened to. You will be assigned a specialist lawyer for your case, and they will be available to answer all of your questions and re-assure any concerns.

    To learn more about our expert approach to divorce law – click here.


    How can our Divorce Solicitors and Divorce Lawyers in Manchester help you?

    Our Manchester based divorce solicitors and divorce lawyers help clients from Manchester and the surrounding area with a range of legal issues, including:

    Getting a divorce – Do I have to go to court for my divorce?

    Our divorce solicitors and divorce lawyers will take your case to court as a last resort. There are many other ways to try and reach a settlement before committing to the expense of court.

    You could try things such as mediation (an independent third party there to aid discussion) or collaborative law (where you, your spouse and both of your solicitors meet and try to negotiate a settlement) or you could ask your solicitor to negotiate for you.

    If nothing else works or your spouse is unwilling to be reasonable during negotiations then you can take your case to court. You could also go to court if your spouse refuses to give out any financial information.

    Even if you do go to court, if you and your spouse reach an agreement about your settlement at any point then the case can stop. You don’t have to wait and let the judge decide. Family arbitration (where you pay someone to decide your settlement for you) is another alternative to court if negotiations aren’t successful. This is especially useful if you are a high net worth individual and you don’t want your settlement to be made public, or if you are worried about the press, as this process is completely confidential.

    If you are unsure how to proceed speak with our friendly expert divorce solicitors in Manchester.


    When getting a divorce how can I make the divorce process cost as little as possible?

    There is always the option of you and your spouse agreeing terms and then administering the divorce proceedings yourselves. If you do want to do this there are many of resources available online, including official government websites, that will help you understand the process.

    It could be said that the divorce itself is the easy part. What is actually more difficult is agreeing the terms such as childcare arrangements or the financial settlement. It is usually best to get legal advice, even if this is just a fixed price initial meeting with a specialist solicitor, before you begin your divorce proceedings. A good solicitor will be able to talk you through your rights and how to get the best financial settlement.

    Expert legal advice, from our family lawyers or divorce solicitors, is even more important if you or your spouse are high net worth individuals with complex, international assets and investments.

    Prepared with the advice and understanding your rights, you may then want to discuss the terms directly with your partner or involve a mediator – an independent third party – in the negotiation process.

    Our experienced team of divorce solicitors and divorce lawyers will provide you with the advice you need so you feel confident that you are getting the best divorce settlement for you.


    What are the top 5 divorce myths, according to our divorce solicitors in Manchester?

    Our divorce solicitors in Manchester have prepared the following notes to help you test your divorce knowledge with our top 5 divorce myths…

    A divorce cuts all financial ties with your spouse

    This is one of the most common (and dangerous) misconceptions we hear from those starting the divorce process. However, the divorce itself does not put an end to spouses being able to make financial claims against each other.

    The importance of dealing with financial matters during divorce was underlined by the case of Wyatt v Vince. The couple divorced in the early nineties. They didn’t have much money at the time of their divorce and no financial order was made. More than two decades later, Mr Vince had a business worth tens of millions of pounds. His ex-wife was able to make a financial claim against him.

    This case highlights the importance of always seeking independent legal advice from solicitors regarding the financial implications of divorce.  Our divorce solicitors in Manchester are on hand ready to answer any questions that you may have.


    There’s no need to point the finger of blame in order to get a divorce straight away

    At the moment, unless a couple have been separated for two years and both consent to the divorce – or five years without consent – either adultery, unreasonable behaviour or desertion must be named as the reason for the marriage having irretrievably broken down.

    Earlier this year, reforms to end the divorce ‘blame game’ were announced, so that in the future, couples will hopefully be able to divorce without apportioning blame.

    Legal advice from experts like our divorce solicitors in Manchester can provide you with the right guidance.


    Adultery isn’t adultery if we were separated

    Legally, this simply isn’t the case. If a couple are still married (even if they are separated) when one and/or both has sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite sex (the legal definition of adultery), then adultery has been committed and could be stated on a divorce petition as the ground for divorce.

    Speak with one of our divorce solicitors in Manchester for further information.


    The decree nisi means we are legally divorced

    It’s not unusual to hear that a celebrity has been divorced only a few weeks after we have heard that they’ve separated from their other half.

    However, if you delve further into the article, you’ll probably find that what the celebrity has in fact received is the decree nisi.

    This is part of the divorce process but is not a divorce. The divorce is not final until you receive the decree absolute, which cannot be applied for until six weeks and one day after the decree nisi is pronounced.

    Legal advice from experts like our divorce solicitors in Manchester is vital.


    Mediation is only for couples who want to reconcile

    Mediation is not there to help you to make up with your spouse. It is designed to help you to work towards an agreement about various aspects of your separation, so that you can hopefully avoid the expense and stress of having to go to court.

    During mediation, an independent third party (a mediator) is there to facilitate discussions with the aim of reaching an agreement about certain issues, not working towards the couple getting back together.

    Most couples will have to attend an initial mediation meeting (known as MIAM) before being able to start up financial proceedings.

    If you are unsure how to proceed speak with our friendly expert divorce solicitors in Manchester.

    For more information on this subject please visit our Legal Library.


    What do our clients say about our service?

    “Thoroughly professional, straightforward, timely and reasonably priced. I would recommend this firm to anyone. Thank you for a great service.”  – Client 2017


    “Thank you so much. You were great. I wasted so much time and money with my previous solicitors and only regret I did not contact you earlier. I have dropped a line to Paul to thank him for referring me to you. I hope you enjoyed the red I sent you as a token of our appreciation.”  – Client 2017


    “I can’t thank your team enough! Divorce is not an easy decision to make it’s quite a painful one to be honest. As I’m sure you all will know. But I’m seeing it as a new fresh start like you said. So I’m looking forward to my new future and leaving the past behind where it belongs.”  – Client 2016


    You can read more reviews and comments from our clients about our Manchester divorce solicitors on our Google Reviews page.

    Our Manchester divorce solicitors and divorce lawyers are located in the heart of Manchester.

    Our Manchester client meeting office is located on King Street. A 10-minute walk from both Piccadilly and Victoria stations, which provides strategic links to both the Greater Manchester area and Manchester Airport.

    Our Manchester divorce solicitors and divorce lawyers specialise in high net worth divorce and family breakdown cases. Our wealth of legal and business knowledge and experience allows us to apply a direct no-nonsense commercial approach to your case to achieve your objectives.

    Our divorce solicitors and divorce lawyers in Manchester specialise in high net worth divorce, civil partnership dissolution, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, domestic violence, child contact orders, residence (including relocation issues) and child abduction.

    Manchester Office: 82 King Street, Manchester, M2 4PD

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