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Divorce AI is our free AI chatbot assistant. Need an answer? Give it a go.


Here’s an AI tool we’ve developed to help our clients ask questions about divorce. We’re here, for you.


Here are a few questions you can ask the AI:

  • How much does a divorce cost
  • How do I get a Divorce
  • Who are Austin Kemp
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Simply ask our AI bot a question you have related to divorce.

After lots of training, our artificial bot can give you an answer the most complex questions.

We've limited our AI chatbot to 5 free questions. If you become a client, we give you this as an unlimited service for free!

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National Presence

We're a truly national firm. With offices across the UK, we can help you wherever you are.


We're independent. Unlike other major family law firms, we're not owned by private equity companies, and we don't have pressure from shareholders.

Expertise Like No Other

We're truly experts. We specialise in family law, and our outstanding success record proves this.

92% Success Record

92% of the time we get what you want. Whatever it takes.

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We're by your side. Our focus is to help you move forward, whatever stands in front of you.

200 Years Experience

At Austin Kemp, we have a team of heavyweight professionals who focus solely on family law.

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