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Why Us?

The reasons to choose Austin Kemp

We are a leading force in Family law – just have a look at “AK in numbers”:

  • 156 years’ experience – and counting
  • 92% success rate
  • We are nationwide – 37 Client Meeting Offices across the country, with regional offices in London, Manchester and Leeds
  • In 2021, we dealt with £600m of family homes, £14m of family cars, £100m of family income, and £140m of pensions

We routinely deal with very large, complex, and international family situations.

Our Divorce calculator and our helpful videos will open your eyes to how things might unfold.

Everyone at AK does things “The AK Way” – so you know what you are going to get.

Our career path rewards our people for how they change your life, not on how much they bill you.

We don’t point-score and we avoid unnecessary battles.

We don’t expect you to adapt your whole life so that it fits in with how we deliver our service – we adapt our service delivery to your life.

We carefully manage our lawyers’ caseloads – they’ll never have to “snatch time” on your files so your case will always move along nicely.

You will always know where your case is up to – we keep in constant touch with you.

Less complex work is done by junior and cheaper lawyers – don’t be fooled by a senior lawyer quoting rates lower than ours as it could be that all work on your file will then be done at that rate and that’s just not fair.


Our expert divorce and family solicitors specialise in high net worth divorce and complex family law issues.

We believe in being the best in our field and therefore we only specialise in divorce law and family law.  Having a specialist focus means being at the top of our game and always being informed of any new developments in case law that could potentially help your case. We understand the sensitivity and emotion that is often involved in legal battles with family members and keep this at the forefront of our mind throughout your case.


Our experts – at your disposal

Our specialist team are all at your disposal, individually and collectively.  Between us, we will put together the team bespoke to your needs, in terms of our expertise and your personal needs and objectives.

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