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What do I need to think about next with regards to the financial settlement?

If you’ve decided that you want your solicitor to negotiate the financial side of your divorce on your behalf then your solicitor will ask you to gather information about your finances, known as financial disclosure.

You will probably be asked to fill out a Form E with your financial information. After this, your solicitor will exchange your financial information for your spouse’s financial information.

Once this has happened, your solicitor will give you advice and talk you through your options before you decide what you would like to aim for and what kind of settlement you wouldn’t be happy with. Your solicitor can then start negotiations with your spouse’s solicitor until a conclusion is reached that both you and your spouse are satisfied with. If you cannot reach a settlement then you may have to go to court or pay for a family arbitrator.

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Austin Kemp specialise in negotiating on behalf of high net worth individuals, or spouses of high net worth individuals, who have assets and investments around the world. Our experienced team are skilled in high net worth negotiations and understand how to get you the best possible outcome.

We are also able to help if you think your spouse is hiding their assets or if your spouse thinks you have more assets than you actually do.

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