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Advising father in relation to children matters

When a relationship ends, difficult decisions can put a great deal of stress and strain on all parties involved.

One of our clients, whose relationship with his partner (they were not married) had ended, came to us for advice about an extremely difficult decision that he was facing.

A professional man with a reasonable income, he had continued to pay a large mortgage on his home, which his ex-partner and their children were still living in. In addition to this, he was also paying child support. When he came to us for advice, he explained that he was unable to meet his own outgoings and the financial difficulties he was experiencing, had resulted in a great deal of stress, which was affecting his professional life and his health.

He told us that he really did not want to disrupt his children’s living situation, but knew that if this stress continued at the current level, it may affect his ability to provide for them in the future.

It was important that this sensitive situation was dealt with in the right manner. We helped our client to make considered proposals for re-housing his ex-partner and their children, until the children reached majority, so that he could sell the property. Unfortunately, these proposals were not accepted, so a possession claim was issued and, as he had approached this delicate situation in the appropriate manner, our client recovered possession of his property.

This enabled him to take back control of his finances and therefore relieve the stress he had been enduring, so that he could make provision for this children now and in the future.

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