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Not all of our clients who come to us for advice are married and wanting a divorce.

An unmarried mother, who was the victim of domestic violence, came to see us, as she was worried about her safety and where she and her children (whom she had had with her long-term partner) would live. She explained that her partner would not provide for their children’s maintenance or accommodation.

Our solicitor advised her to get a court order to exclude her partner from their shared home (which he owned) and to protect her from him.
After negotiations, our client and the children were able to live in another property that her partner owned, free of charge, until after their children had completed their education in secondary school.

After advising our client that it was a good idea for her to apply for an order for financial provision for the children, the true extent of her partner’s wealth was revealed. As a result of this, as well as a lump sum so that our client could furnish the property she was living in, she obtained a long-term obligation for her partner to maintain the property, as well as reliable transport for her and the children.

Based on the assets which had been revealed through our investigations, we also advised our client with regards to her application to the Child Maintenance Service, in order to get maintenance for the children.

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