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Child arrangement orders – what are they?

Since April 2014 there is no such thing as a contact order as such. This is because courts now just make residence and contact orders under one umbrella called a child arrangements order.

Under the child arrangements order, a court can state that the child will still be able to visit or stay with someone else other than the person the child lives with. Usually this will be the other parent, although it could be another named individual.

For example, if a child will solely lives with its mother, a father can ask the court to order that the child gets to visit him on certain specified days. He could even ask that the court orders webcam chats or emails between himself and the child on certain days and times.

Dependent on the case, the court can even go as far as to specify pick up times or drop off places so that the contact is very clearly laid out. Austin Kemp’s experienced team of solicitors can advise you on child arrangement orders and what your legal rights are. Getting the correct legal advice early on can make a real difference to your case.

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