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In what ways can we put our children’s interests first?

Children look to their parents for reassurance. Even though you and your spouse will be divorced and not living in the same place, it is important for children to see that you are both still civil and able to talk to each other.

Remember – you are the two most important people in their lives and it can be extremely upsetting for children if you are not able to be in the same room without arguing.

Making sure you have a good relationship with the other parent is essential to your children’s happiness. Children can sense tension and may know more about what has happened than you give them credit for. Listen to your children and try to understand what they’re going through.

Sometimes, a parenting plan can be helpful. This can prompt you to discuss things such as  how you will look after your children’s wellbeing and how you will communicate with each other. Having a plan like this can help bring more certainty and security into your children’s lives. If necessary, you could always ask for help from a counsellor if you think your children aren’t dealing with your divorce.

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