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I think I need a litigation loan. What is it and how do I get one?

During the stressful time of the relationship break-up the party with control of the finances may simply refuse to pay the other party any more money or take away their use of the joint credit card. This can leave one party with no money to pay their legal fees or even their living expenses. 

In this situation, a vast majority of solicitors would advise the party who has cut the other party off that they should, indeed they have an obligation to, pay them some money. This is not always well received and sometimes the other party refuses the money because they think it’s not enough. If this happens it is likely that both parties will need to go to court.

A litigation loan is a type of loan that banks or loan providers give out to people who for some reason need to fund their litigation. This could be because their partner has cut them off from all of the money they once had access to during their relationship. This type of loan will probably need to be secured against capital. 

It is worth noting that usually the court will not order your partner to pay your legal fees unless you have already tried, and failed, to get a litigation loan.

Your solicitor will be able to point you towards where to go for a litigation loan.

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