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My partner is a high earner. What can I do if the CSA don’t provide for enough money for my children?

Sometimes, an application will be made by the primary carer of the children to the Child Support Agency, soon to be replaced by the Child Maintenance Service, although it is worth noting that they are unable to make an assessment if the other parent is living abroad. Going via these two agencies will mean that you get the most basic level of child support available to you as the primary carer.

If your partner is a high earner (more than £104,000 per year) then the Child Support Agency has a limited role. The court can then order what to do with regards to child maintenance.

If this is the case, it is important to get independent legal advice as soon as possible. Our specialist solicitors will negotiate the best possible outcome in court and make sure that you receive what you should over and above the minimum level of child support available from your more wealthy partner.

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