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My partner won’t let me see my child. What are my rights?

It can be very upsetting if a parent is stopped from seeing their children. If your partner will not let you see your child then the first thing to do is to try and talk to your partner about the issue and come to some sort of arrangement between yourselves. If this is not possible, then you are able to go to court and get something called a contact order.

This is a legally enforceable document that states how often you should have contact with your child. The starting point for any court is the welfare of the child. This has to be paramount when looking at the logistics of a contact order and the court can take into account such things as the child’s after school activities or how far away each parent lives. Unless there is a very good reason to the contrary, every child should have contact with both parents.

It is worth noting that although the contact order can be enforced where one parent stops the other from seeing the children, it does not work the other way. The order cannot force anyone to have the children if they do not want to see them or refuse to spend time with them.

If either parent breaches the terms of the order and stops the other from seeing the children as per the terms of the order then it is very important to get expert legal advice from solicitors such as Austin Kemp as soon as possible.

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