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I want to get an injunction against my partner. How much will this cost?

Getting an injunction can be quite an expensive process. This is because injunctions are usually very urgent and need to pushed through with considerable speed. This is also why it’s important to see a specialist solicitor who can deal with your case with the necessary expertise and urgency you would expect.

In order to get an injunction against your partner, you will first have to go and see a solicitor. This solicitor will then give you independent legal advice regarding the injunction and will write a statement that will support you in applying for the injunction.

Your solicitor will then need to instruct a barrister to go before a judge in court to ask for your injunction. The urgent need for a barrister to do this can also raise your costs considerably.

You can estimate the cost of applying for an injunction against your partner to be about £5,000. This is a very rough estimate and can vary greatly if your particular case is more complex or lengthy.

After you have met with one of our solicitors, they will let you know the more realistic potential costs of your case and any complexities that may arise.

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