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We’re getting a divorce – what’s the best way to break the news to our children?

Learning that their parents will divorce can be an unsettling and distressing time for any child, no matter what their age.

To make the divorce process easier for them, it is always best, if possible, to discuss how and what you will tell your children with your spouse beforehand. Practicing with each other or friends about what you will say to them can also be extremely useful and can help to avoid any contradictions or confusion.


Telling your children together with your spouse is also a good way to help to reduce the distress your children will feel when they hear the news. Showing this ‘united front’ can help to show children that you are both in agreement about what is happening and can stop them worrying that one of you is not happy about the situation.

Make sure that whatever you tell your children is age appropriate. For example, the older the child the fuller the explanation they will need about what is happening and why. Conversely, a younger child will not be able to take in too much detail so it is worth keeping things much more simple.

Whatever age the child, you will probably need to tell them the information a few times throughout the process so they understand what is happening and hopefully feel less worried.

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