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What does our divorce mean for our children?

The children’s welfare is often one of the main concerns when couples are going through a divorce. During a divorce where there are children involved, the court’s primary consideration will be their welfare and needs.

Specialist legal advice early on can help you to understand what your rights are and can help to minimise sleepless nights worrying about what will happen to your children and whether they will be provided for financially. Understanding this can also help to reduce the potential for stressful arguments with your spouse, making the separation more amicable for you and your spouse and keeping you on good terms for the future care of your children.


If you or your spouse is a high net worth individual with assets or investments on an international scale and you are worried, for example, that your children will not be able to continue to go to their current school on your income alone, Austin Kemp can talk you through the options that are available to you.

Independent legal advice from a specialist firm of solicitors such as Austin Kemp can not only help to put your mind at rest but can also make the divorce process much less stressful for any children involved.

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