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How to start divorce financial proceedings?

Before you can take your case to court to commence divorce financial proceedings both you and your spouse could, in certain circumstances, have to meet with a mediator. This independent third party is there to aid discussions between you and your spouse.

There are some situations where meeting with a mediator before commencing divorce financial proceedings at court is not obligatory, such as if there’s been domestic abuse between you and your spouse.  A good solicitor will help you prepare for the mediation by discussing with you the outcomes you would like to achieve. An experienced solicitor will also be able to talk you through the likelihood of your case ending up in court.

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If mediation doesn’t work or if it’s decided that mediation isn’t appropriate for you, you will then need to fill in a C100 form before you go to court. This form shows that you and your spouse have considered mediation.

Austin Kemp specialise in helping high net worth individuals through this process and understand the complexities international assets and investments can add to the divorce process, especially when it comes to negotiating the financial settlement when dealing with financial proceedings. Getting the right, specialist legal advice early on can make a real difference to the outcome of your case.

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