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I don’t feel comfortable talking to my partner. Do I have to communicate with them?

When a relationship breaks down emotions and stress levels can run high. Sometimes you may feel unable to talk to your partner anymore or you feel that every conversation turns into an argument. This is not good for you and can also affect any children you have together.

If you find yourself in this situation then we would recommend that all of the communication that needs to happen in order for your divorce or dissolution to take place, happen through us. We can communicate with your partner’s solicitors so you don’t need to talk to your partner yourself. Even if your partner doesn’t yet have any solicitors or has decided to represent themselves, we can communicate directly with your partner.

If you still want to keep some sort of communication open between yourself and your partner then it may be a good idea to limit your conversations to email so that you reduce the likelihood of your communication ending in arguments.

If you think your partner is being unreasonable or is refusing to communicate with not only you but his solicitors, then you should obtain legal advice immediately as it may be that you have some kind of remedy in law (although this would only be in exceptional circumstances).

A divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership can be a painful and difficult time and sometimes keeping your communications only between your solicitors can make it that little bit easier.

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