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What are the first steps to divorce?

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When you’re dealing with the breakdown of your marriage, one of the first steps to divorce of making an appointment to see a solicitor to discuss your divorce can seem daunting.

Once you’ve taken the first step to divorce and made the phone call and booked a time and date in your diary, it’s normal to feel nervous about what lies ahead. Knowing what to expect can help to take away some of those nerves.

Your solicitor is there to help you through the legal side of your divorce

It is highly recommended that anyone going through a divorce seeks independent legal advice from a family solicitor.

At your first meeting, your solicitor will explain the divorce process and describe what you should expect. They’ll talk you through the different grounds for divorce and give you an explanation of the different methods you could use (such as mediation, for example), in order to reach a financial settlement with your spouse.

Many people find it useful to bring a friend or family member to their first meeting, either to jot down notes or just for moral support. Having a familiar face with you when you are meeting a solicitor for the first time, can help to ease your nerves.

Be prepared – bring paperwork with you

You will need your marriage certificate in order to get a divorce. If you can find it, take  your marriage certificate to the first meeting. If not, don’t panic. You can order another copy.

Your solicitor will want to talk to you about everything from how long you have been married, to who owns the family home. Bringing any supporting papers with you (such as mortgage statements), can help your solicitor to build up a picture of your situation.

Note down any questions you have about the divorce itself, or the financial side of things, before you go to the appointment. This way, you can ensure that you don’t forget to ask about anything that’s important to you.

Leave with a better idea of what the future holds

It is often the unknown which causes the most stress. After your first appointment with a solicitor, you should have a better idea of what you can expect from the divorce process and what your financial settlement may look like .

You should leave knowing what you need to do next and what needs to happen in order for your divorce to be finalised.

An appointment with a solicitor does not mean you have to start the divorce process

Just because you go to see a solicitor to discuss a potential divorce, this does not mean that you must begin divorce proceedings. Many of our clients make an appointment to discuss the possibility of divorce and get legal advice about what this would mean for their future.

The first appointment with a family solicitor is your opportunity to find out more about the divorce process and receive legal advice specific to your circumstances. By taking the time to prepare for the meeting beforehand, you can ensure that any questions or concerns you have about the divorce process are addressed as early on as possible.

How can our expert divorce solicitors help you?

Our expert divorce solicitors can help you with a range of legal issues:

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