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Is my relationship over? What are the next steps?

When dealing with the question is my relationship over, it’s not unusual to feel lost. If you were married to your other half, confusion regarding the divorce process and fears about what will happen to the family home, can only serve to add to this already extremely stressful and emotionally exhausting time. 

Searching for the answer to is my relationship over, requires understanding what your options are and what comes next, can help you to make plans and take control of the situation.


Explaining what is happening to your children 

If you have children, where they will live and with whom after you divorce, is likely to be the main concern of both you and your spouse.  

It’s not uncommon for divorcing couples to put off telling their children what is happening, until firm plans have been put in place and can be explained to the children. Others prefer to tell their children what is going on as soon as possible. 

How and when you tell your children is a very personal decision. If possible, it can be helpful to arrange a time when both you and your spouse can be there. This ‘united front’ can help to ease their concerns and let them see that this is what you both want.  

How much you tell your children will largely depend upon their age. The most important thing is to explain (together, if possible) that you both still love them and that you and their other parent separating is not their fault in any way. It can be a good idea to reiterate this message throughout the divorce process. Encourage your children to be open about their concerns. Some children hold their feelings in, for fear of hurting the feelings of one or both of their parents.


Is my relationship over


Consider arranging a meeting with a solicitor 

When or even if you seek advice from a solicitor is completely your decision. 

Some people prefer to meet with a lawyer before they are sure that their relationship is at an end, so that they can be prepared for what may lie ahead. 

Others go to see a solicitor after they have broken up with their spouse and discussions surrounding the financial settlement and child arrangements have already begun. 

When a relationship breaks down, both parties are likely to have concerns about what the future may or may not hold. Is it possible to keep the family home? Where will the children live? Are maintenance payments going to be necessary? All of these questions and more can play on your mind. Some people find that meeting with a solicitor to discuss their concerns and receive advice on what their potential financial settlement or child arrangements could look like, helps to put their mind at rest. 

It’s important to remember that seeking advice from a solicitor doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go through with your divorce. Understanding the divorce process and what may lie ahead, can help to put your mind at rest and enable you to make plans for both your and your children’s future.


Is my relationship over? Do you need help with the next steps?

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05th February 2018

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