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Divorce solicitors explain 3 things you need to know about divorce

Divorce solicitors understand this period of the year can be crucial for many of us. The summer holiday season is now well and truly upon us, with traffic jams of cars packed to bursting point with everything but the kitchen sink, the familiar reports of airports experiencing their busiest days of the year and the inevitable summer rain setting in, just as the schools break up.

At the same time as many of us are preparing to wind down for our summer break, some divorce solicitors are getting ready for one of their busiest periods. According to a study released last year, the number of people filing for divorce could increase after the summer holidays.

There are many misconceptions out there surrounding the divorce process. To help anyone who may be considering getting divorce, our expert divorce solicitors have come up with the top 3 things that you may not know about the divorce process.


Selling the house isn’t always necessary

When people come to see us about their divorce, one of the most common concerns we hear about is the sale of the family home.

Horror stories about divorces often involve the sale of a much-loved home and many people believe that the house will have to be sold, so that it can be effectively split between two people.

However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Although some divorcing couples do sell their family homes, so that they can divide the net proceeds and go their separate ways, there are also those who opt not to do this. Although the starting point for many divorce negotiations is a 50/50 split, this doesn’t necessarily mean that every asset has to be split right down the middle.

divorce solicitors house

Some couples, for example, choose to buy the other one out. Alternatively, it could be possible to reach an agreement where one spouse could live in the house until the children grow up. Our expert divorce solicitors should be able to advise you of what may be possible in your particular circumstances.


You’ll need to wait 12 months for a divorce

If you’re newly married, you will need to let 12 months pass before you can commence divorce proceedings. This often comes as a surprise to those outside of legal circles.

However, it is possible to approach divorce solicitors for advice about your divorce and the processes involved, at any time. The 12 months marker is just the point at which you can officially start the divorce process. If you are concerned about what you financial settlement may look like, you could obtain independent legal advice beforehand from our expert divorce solicitors.


Most divorces don’t end up in court

Newspapers regularly bombard us with stories of celebrity couples fighting out their divorce settlements in court. However, the reality is that most financial agreements are actually reached in other ways, such as mediation or solicitor to solicitor negotiation.

In fact, court is generally regarded as a final resort, as it can be costly and time-consuming.

If you’re considering getting a divorce, it can be helpful to obtain independent legal advice from our expert divorce solicitors as early on as possible in the process.


How can our expert divorce solicitors help you?

Our expert divorce solicitors help you with a range of legal issues, including:


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31st July 2017

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