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What are the different types of judges?

The Family Courts have different types of judges and consist of two ranks: District Judge and Circuit Judge.

It is important to understand the roles of different types of judges in a family court. A District Judge is can be part time judge or panel of Lay Justices.

A Circuit Judge is higher ranked than a District Judge and will receive appeals from a District Judge Court or Court of Lay Justices and adjudicate upon them.

An appropriate level of Judge to deal with subject family matter depends on the complexity of the case and legal issues involved in it.

A part-time Judge of Circuit Judge rank is usually called a “Recorder”.

An appeal from a Circuit Judge goes to Court of Appeal to consider and decide upon and make appropriate orders.

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In all circumstances, Lay Justices, Judges and Circuit Judges and Judges at Court of Appeal must adhere to legal interpretations and application of law by superior ranked Judges and court of law. The judgements and orders passed in prior and similar family law matters on the file of the superior courts become precedents and binding upon the lower ranked courts.

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06th October 2016

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