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We look at the dangers of not getting the right legal representation.  There’s no denying it – divorce can be a messy business. Not only are you going through the emotional turmoil of the break-up of your relationship, but you also need to keep your head above the water financially.

Recently, the news has been filled with stories of Eddie the Eagle reportedly living on egg sandwiches in his shed, due to the amount of money he lost during the divorce battle with his wife of 13 years. Unfortunately, struggling financially both during and after divorce is not uncommon.


What difference does getting the right divorce lawyers make?

Making sure that you get the right divorce lawyers can make a real difference to the outcome of your settlement.

Getting legal advice on your position from specialist divorce solicitors as early on in your divorce as possible can save you copious amounts of time and money. By making sure that you fully understand your options and what the likely outcome of your financial settlement could look like, you will be able to go into negotiations with your spouse with a realistic idea of what you want and how you’ll go about getting it.

Conversely, getting the wrong advice from divorce lawyers may mean that, because you have an unrealistic idea of what you are entitled to, the process could end up dragging and costing more and more money – maybe even ending up in costly court proceedings.

Wasting time and money through long negotiations and costly court cases is just one pitfall of not getting the right representation – the wrong representation could even result in you underestimating how much you could be entitled to in your financial settlement.

Experienced divorce solicitors will have a good idea of what your settlement should look like – meaning that you shouldn’t lose out by negotiating for any less.

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How do I find experienced divorce solicitors to represent me?

It’s important to look for a firm who specialise in divorce and have dealt with other divorce proceedings like yours. Although every divorce is unique, it’s important to choose divorce lawyers who understand you and your situation. For example, if you’re a high net worth individual with worldwide assets and investments, choose a divorce solicitor who has the necessary experience and expertise to deal with your complex finances.


Could I save money by cutting out divorce lawyers altogether?

Getting the right legal advice can help you to fully understand how much you can expect to receive as part of the financial settlement, making sure that you don’t lose out on what is rightly yours. Specialist divorce solicitors can also conduct negotiations on your behalf, putting the sometimes necessary distance between you and your spouse.

Getting the right legal representation means that you know you are doing everything you can to ensure that you will get your fair share of yours and your spouse’s finances when you divorce – and hopefully avoid eating egg sandwiches in your garden shed.


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05th September 2016

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