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How to deal with a relationship breakdown

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It becomes difficult to handle the situation when you are going through a relationship breakdown and it has further adverse effect when it is about family breakdown.

A family relationship split will bring in several problems such as maintaining standard of life, place for living, children and their requirements. These conditions would also bring in questions about life arrangements and adjustments including child or children custody, establishing of contact arrangement, parenting and visitation issues. There also arise important tasks of dividing up the matrimonial property, estate, assets and liabilities.

You may need professional legal help as you try to move on and place things properly and to avoid confusions. Professional assistance would be best sought from a family lawyer, mediator or a counsellor.

By visiting our website, it is clear that you have already made valiant efforts to save your relationship.

If this is not the case, then a family counsellor may assist you in retaining your lost family position. A family counsellor or a professional family counsellor can advise you on the necessary adjustments or compromises or hold joint family counselling sessions for yourself and your partner to look into prospects of reconciliation.

Once you are convinced that you can move no further than a relationship breakdown, you can work towards a comprehensive and clear termination of your relationship. This can be carried out by organising the responsibilities to be handled appropriately between separating partners. If the separating partners have children they can be in a more comfortable position if they are able to facilitate a smooth process to share parenting responsibilities.

However, in many cases it would be a difficult task to achieve a positive response from either party, due to a lack of proper understanding between the two parties. It should not come as a surprise that misunderstandings, miscommunications, unreasonable and erratic behaviour displayed by your former partner in the first place are the reasons for the breakdown of the relationship. This however, does not always mean that sincere efforts would go in vain.

You should always note that if disagreements are not sorted out in a timely manner, they may aggravate you, continue to irritate you and consequently disturb your everyday living. This may also potentially decrease your ability to handle other important responsibilities in life. It is never practical to avoid the former partner in your life if you have children out of that relationship.

You may have to tackle such situations in a more realistic manner, especially if you have had been through a violent and abusive relationship. There are several useful resources like websites and subject literature for you to obtain information to find out appropriate solutions to simplify the co-parenting in such cases and provide favourable environment for children.

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