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How to deal with domestic violence or abuse

If you believe you are suffering domestic abuse then you have a number of remedies available to you under both criminal and civil law. Because it falls under criminal law you can go to the police for immediate help and you should do this immediately if you believe you or your children are in danger.


As a domestic violence victim you may need assistance to evade unpleasant circumstances or harm to you and your kids from your former partner. There are appropriate legal provisions available granted by court of law restraining your former partner indulging in unlawful and illegal acts and harm or harass you. There are penal provisions even leading to judicial detention if your partner violates such court orders passed in your favour.

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An accused person in a domestic violence cases may face considerable difficulties obtaining stay along, child custody or visitation. If there is a court order against you it becomes a major barrier for you to obtain legal aid. Although legal aid eligibility is essentially based on your assessed financial position, it also takes into account how you had reasonably managed your available financial resources and ability to handle them to meet your life requirements. You may obtain professional legal assistance to gather appropriate grounds to get yourself discharged from such domestic violence charges which might have put you in vulnerable position. There are also legal provisions to request court of law to set aside restraining orders made against you. The court of law may pass such orders or conditional orders to this effect. You have should always try to avoid any violation of those conditional orders passed by the court of law.



Most family relationship breakdowns are result of unusual, violent and abusive conduct by one or both parties. You may also have faced or undergoing such situations which had gone out your control. These conditions could potentially drive persons into intake of excessive dosage of anti-depressants, alcohol and illegal drugs. These circumstances are difficult to handle by self-efforts in full. There are certain organisations or local services which may assist you in overcoming your condition and putting you on the correct path of life. You may yourself research to find appropriate support and or cooperate with people around you who may be concerned for you and are looking to provide you proper rehabilitation.

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30th August 2016

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