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Experts in Divorce and Family Law

We believe in being the experts in our field and therefore we only specialise in Divorce and Family Law.

No-one enters a relationship believing that it will fail and that can make separation, divorce and the end of a relationship a complex and difficult situation. Beyond the emotional elements, practical considerations like finances and children have to be taken in to account. This is where Austin Kemp are specialists.

Austin Kemp are specialist divorce and family solicitors. Our focus means that we are at the top of our game and are always informed of any new developments in case law that could potentially help your case.

Your life and money, protected

We understand your life and wealth is too important to risk trusting it to someone who doesn’t fully understand it. If you don’t settle your divorce or get your pre-nuptial agreement drafted through a specialist firm, then that is essentially what you are doing.

If the end of your relationship will impact your children, trusting your settlement and their future to a firm who do not understand the fine details of family case law could result in compromising your life and the life of your children.

Specialising in one area of law gives us, what we believe is, the necessary time to make sure that you are happy and that your case is progressing in the way that you want it to. By specialising, we are also able to spend more time unknotting the sometimes-complex legal knots of your issues to ensure that your case has the best chance of achieving the outcome that you want.

Always by your side

The end of a relationship is one of the most stressful things that we endure. When that relationship is long-standing and intertwined with other people, the stress of achieving the best settlement and deal for everyone and your future can be over-bearing.

Our experience of complex divorce and separation cases doesn’t just mean that we don’t consider you, the person at the heart of this.  In everything we do, we put our clients needs first. We take the time to understand you and the result that you need and then go to work to get you exactly that.  That is why we have a 90% success rate in our cases.

We are a results focused firm of solicitors with our client’s objectives at the heart or every step we take.

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Contact us and see how we can help you achieve what you deserve and protect what you have worked so hard for. Qualifying individuals receive a free, on obligation consultation.

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