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Austin Kemp was founded on the ambition to build one of the most respected law firms to ever exist. Today, that ambition is still true and we live that mission every day.

As a business, we appreciate to deliver advice which is high quality, focused and consistently excellent we need to specialise.  Many law firms offer family law as a service, but they are not regarded as specialists.  This is where we differ.

Family law is a personal subject with us.  We understand to truly serve our clients we need to be experts in our subject.

Unlike other family law firms, we never shout about ourselves in the press and media.  Our role has always been to help our clients solve a problem, and helping them to get on with their life.  We know that family law is a sensitive subject and a difficult part of our clients’ lives.  This is why we offer our clients a uniquely personal service.  And we insist upon excellence in everything we do.  In short, we build on our past to define our future.


What you can expect from Austin Kemp


We are at the forefront of technology and education. Every staff member values personal development and we are always striving to be better, for you.

We listen to you

We listen to you, we understand your situation and advise on how we can help you. Our priorities are you, not anyone else, just you.

By your side

Our job is to be there when you need us. Our job is to win and to get the best outcome for you. Our reputation as a law firm depends on how we help each and every client.

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