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Civil Partnerships

Experts in Civil Partnership Law

Civil partnership dissolution can be a confusing, difficult and complex process for those involved. The legal processes involved in ending a civil partnership can also make the experience more emotional. 

Our civil partnership and separation lawyers can help to make the separation experience easier by providing support, expert knowledge, and helping you find solutions that are right for you and your family. 

Get in touch with our civil partnership and separation lawyers as soon as possible to start the process early and secure support from our expert team.

Our Civil Partnership & Separation Solicitors

Our civil partnership lawyers, and separation solicitors, provide expert advice and support on civil partnerships. A civil partnership is a legal relationship entered by a couple, providing legal recognition, some rights and responsibilities. Civil partnerships are often used by couples with a legitimate relationship who want to have their commitment registered by law in a way that is different to marriage. Civil partnerships also introduced in 2004 as a way to recognise and protect same-sex couples legally. 

If you have decided that you want to end a civil partnership, our separation lawyers can support you during the legal processes and  provide professional guidance during these processes. Our solicitors also can support you by offering expert advice on starting a civil partnership and considerations that should be made. 

Civil Partnership Registration

There are a number of considerations to make before civil partnership registration such as protecting your assets. Our civil partnership solicitors provide support on drafting and enforcing your pre-civil partnership agreement. As experienced negotiators, we can ensure your pre-civil partnership agreement takes into consideration all your needs, for example if you have children. Our solicitors also help with post-civil partnership agreements that allow people in a civil partnership to have more control over what happens to their finances.

Civil Partnership Dissolution

The breakdown of a civil partnership can be an emotional and hard time. That is why our expert solicitors are here to help you make the right decisions during an emotional time, we provide expert advice and knowledge to make the legal process as simple as possible. 

Support with domestic violence and harassment

In the unfortunate case of domestic violence and harassment, our specialist lawyers make it a priority to keep you and your family safe and well with expert guidance around legal topics. Find out more about how a family law solicitor can help you, with expert advice across Domestic abuse and harassment law, Occupation Orders and Non-molestation orders.

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