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Is it OK to take my child abroad?

Whether you can take your child abroad without permission from the other parent depends on whether or not you have a child arrangements order that says the child lives with you (or residence is shared between you and the other parent).

If you do have this arrangement order, then you are not required to get permission from the other parent if you want to take the child on a trip abroad of no more than 28 days in total.

If you believe that the other parent could take the child abroad and then not bring them back, you can still apply to court to stop the child leaving the country, even if the other parent has this arrangement order.

If you do not have the arrangements order of shared residency or one stating that the child lives with you, then you must obtain written permission from the other parent (or indeed anyone else with parental responsibility for the child) before you can leave the UK with them. If the other parent refuses permission then you could take the application to court. Unless there is good reason it is unlikely that an application by someone with parental responsibility will be refused.

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