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Do other family members have a say what happens to the children after divorce?

Divorce is an emotional and stressful time, not just for the immediate family but also for others such as grandparents or aunts and uncles. They may be upset about your separation and how it will impact on their ability to have contact with the children – as well as how it is impacting the children themselves.

During the stressful process of divorce, tempers can run high and things can be said that weren’t meant. Normally, after everything has died down, most parents realise the importance of grandparents and other family members in the upbringing of children and grandparents will get to maintain regular contact with their grandchildren. Children will also often request that their parents let them see their grandparents and so the situation normally resolves itself.

If you are told that you cannot see your grandchildren after a divorce, you should get specialist legal advice from solicitors such as Austin Kemp. Getting the right legal advice can make all of the difference if you want to apply to the courts to see your grandchildren, as there is no presumption of contact and grandparents do not actually have any legal rights to see their grandchildren. A good solicitor will effectively guide you through the process so you stand the best chance possible of getting access arrangements made to see your grandchildren.

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