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I’m thinking of getting a divorce. When should I first contact a solicitor?

Deciding to end a marriage by beginning divorce proceedings is often a painful and difficult time. During this time emotions can run high. This is why it is important to seek specialist independent legal advice as soon as possible.

By getting the right advice early on in the process you can take control of the situation and gain what can often be reassuring legal advice on where you stand with regards to finances or what will happen to your children. Thinking about the issue further and not acting can cause you to feel like you have no control over the situation and can end in you feeling more distressed emotionally.

Although it makes no difference in English and Welsh law whether you or your spouse files for the divorce, this is not so in other jurisdictions. This makes it especially important to obtain legal advice as soon as possible if another country’s jurisdiction may have a say in your case, especially if you are a high net worth individual. Being the petitioner rather than the respondent in this instance may make all the difference.

You could decide to complete the divorce proceedings yourself. However, this can often end in frustration and arguments between spouses and neither getting the outcome they desired or deserved. You may find that the fees you pay to your solicitor are easily paid back in the better settlement you achieve. Using a solicitor also means that a divorce should be less stressful because you shouldn’t be dealing with the day-to-day issues.

No solicitor will pressure you to make up your mind – we are there to give advice and to guide you through the process should you wish to proceed.

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