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Cost of Making a Will

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Fixed Cost Will Writing Services

Fixed-fee Wills start from:

  • £75+VAT (£90) for a Living Will
  • £125+VAT (£150) for a Single Will
  • £195+VAT (£234) for a Mirror Will

Prices start from £225 +VAT (£270 including VAT) for a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Once you have received a personalised quote for your Will from us in writing, you can rest safe in the knowledge that the cost will not alter further down the line.

When making a Will, you will need to appoint what are known as “Executors”. These are the people that will work to ensure that your wishes (as specified in your Will) are put into action when you die.

Executors can be anyone aged 18 years old or over. Beneficiaries of your Will (those who are receiving some or all of your estate) can also be Executors, if you wish. Above all, make sure you choose a person/people you can trust.

As well as friends or family members, you can also opt to have a professional Executor, such as a solicitor.

Here at Austin Kemp, we offer a Professional Executor Service. Having someone who has specialist knowledge involved in the administration of your estate, can help to take some of the burden of legal paperwork, as well as any other issues in your Will which arise after your death,  off the shoulders of your family.

You can opt to have either just a professional Executor (in which case your Will will be administered solely by that person) or you could decide to have a family member or friend as an Executor, too.

It is your choice who you would like to be Executor/s of your Will. Ensure that you check with your chosen Executor that they are happy to be an Executor for your Will. If they are not, you will have to choose someone else.

If you opt to use our Processional Executor Service then change your mind in the future, we will make this change for you on your Will at no extra cost.

Get in touch with us via telephone (0845 862 5001) or online to discuss your Will and the possibility of using our Professional Executor Service.

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