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Succeeding in family court

Going through a family break-up can be a difficult time. Emotions are fraught, and tempers are high. Our team of specialist lawyers are at hand to advise you from start to finish. Even if you are not sure what to do or where you stand, we can help. We want you to understand your rights fully and what you could be entitled to.

Our expert lawyers are used to appearing in family courts up and down the country – but we understand you are not. Our team will guide you through the process and make sure that you fully understand the possible outcomes and implications at each stage.

Our experience in dealing with complex financial settlements when relationships break down enables us to give you the best possible legal advice for your individual situation and means that you stand more chance of getting the settlement you deserve, inside or outside of court.

Our team of expert lawyers will make sure your thoughts and wishes are listened to at every stage and are here to guide you through what can sometimes be a very difficult time. We know that success can sometimes be bittersweet in family cases and understand that sensitivity can be required. However, when it comes down to it, we are ready to fight for what you deserve.

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