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We know how important it is to protect your wealth, especially when a large percentage of marriages in the UK may not survive. We work with clients all over the UK and abroad to ensure that their assets are protected to the highest possible degree.

We advise on how to best protect your wealth for the long term and talk to you about the importance of pre-nuptial agreements if you haven’t yet married and post-nuptial agreements if you have.  We also focus on how to best protect your investments and assets for your future and for your children, should you wish to leave them to your children.

No two people are the same and our expert lawyers will advise you on how to make sure you get the best financial settlement. We have the essential corporate expertise on issues such as company valuation and liquidity. We also understand the issues that go hand in hand with money and emotions and always keep this at the front of our minds when dealing with your spouse’s solicitors.


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