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The Divorce Report 2020

We are proud to share our industry-first Divorce Report. Our team has brought together numerous data sources and internal research, to bring you this specialist report.

  • Industry first Divorce Report
  • Perfect for snapshot data on the Divorce landscape
  • Full of facts and figures
  • Data from national office of statistics and family court services
  • Perfect for journalists and press
  • Insight into the Divorce industry

The Divorce Report 2020 Snapshot

Opposite Sex Divorces

Reasons For Divorce

Average Time It Takes To Divorce

More Same Sex Couple Divorces

Spike In Domestic Violence Cases

Marriages Ending

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    “Our Divorce Report offers vital insight into the landscape of divorce, the main reasons for divorce, average duration of divorce and key insights that have evolved over the previous year”

    Amandeep Kooner | Managing Director

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