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A marriage coming to an end can be a particularly distressing time, especially if one spouse is having difficulty coming to terms with the breakdown of the relationship.

Seeking expert legal advice as soon as possible after realising a relationship is drawing to a close, is often the last thing on many people’s minds. However, if you may be eligible to divorce in more than one country, acting as quickly as possible could make a real difference to the outcome of your divorce.

Over the past few decades, it has become increasingly popular for people to move around the world and settle in different countries. This has meant that it has become more common for people to be eligible to divorce in more than one jurisdiction. 

As experienced divorce solicitors based in the UK, we are often contacted by British expats wanting to know if they are able to divorce in the UK, or more specifically, England and Wales. English and Welsh divorce law (Scottish law is a separate system) is known worldwide for being much more generous than some other jurisdictions towards the ‘financially weaker’ party. Indeed, London has become known as the ‘divorce capital’ of the world for this very reason.

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