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Divorce & Separation

Experts in Divorce & Separation Law

Divorce and separation can often feel like difficult, drawn-out processes for those involved, with several legal complexities making what is already an emotionally challenging time more difficult.

During the divorce or separation process, divorce lawyers can help to make the experience easier by providing answers to your questions, expert knowledge, and helping you come to solutions that work best for you, and your family. Not only are there emotional repercussions to consider, but there are also important financial settlements, property settlements, child support, and possession agreements to consider. 

Obtaining legal advice for your divorce or separation as early on as possible is especially important for securing a fair and beneficial agreement.

Our Divorce Solicitors 

Our divorce solicitors provide expert advice on a number of complex divorce cases, experienced in a wide range of topics such as marriage, divorce, child law, cohabitation, civil partnerships and more. From beginning divorce proceedings to finalising agreements, our divorce solicitors offer specialist guidance throughout every step of the process.

Once having made the difficult decision to proceed with a divorce, we provide you with strategic advice, fully focused on your needs to help advise on the best course of action to achieve your objectives

Not only are our divorce lawyers here to help provide professional advice around divorce law, but we are sensitive to our circumstances offering emotional support as we guide you through the divorce process. Start making informed decisions about your next steps with Austin Kemp’s divorce solicitors.

Separation advice for unmarried couples

Our expert divorce and separation lawyers also have experience in assisting clients who have not been married or registered a civil partnership. For unmarried couples going through separation, we offer specialist advice around agreements in relation to financial matters, child support, property and other claims.

Whilst legal rights are not the same as they are for married couples, our priority is to ensure your separation agreements are resolved skillfully, fairly and amicably. Our divorce solicitors can also offer expert guidance with civil partnership dissolution and judicial separation, helping you move forward with life with informed legal separation advice.

About to enter a relationship?

Before entering a relationship, marriage or civil partnership, it’s important to ensure your finances and assets are protected if the relationship is to ever break down. Find out more about the legal advice we provide for individuals entering a relationship. Get specialist legal advice across a range of areas, including Prenuptial and Post-nuptial agreements, Cohabitation agreements, as well as Pre-civil and Post-civil partnership agreements.

Support with domestic violence and harassment

In the unfortunate case of domestic violence and harassment, our specialist lawyers make it a priority to keep you and your family safe and well with expert guidance around legal topics. Find out more about how a family law solicitor can help you, with expert advice across Domestic abuse and harassment law, Occupation Orders and Non-molestation orders.

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