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    Our divorce solicitors provide expert advice on a number of complex legal issues covering a wide range of topics such as marriage, civil partnerships, cohabitation, divorce, separation and more.

    Once having made the difficult decision to separate, we provide clients with strategic advice which is focused on their needs to help them decide on a course of action that best achieves their objectives. We advise our clients on divorce or civil partnership dissolution, judicial separation or a separation agreement.

    Our expert lawyers also have experience in assisting clients who have not been married or civilly partnered.

    • We have a 93% success rate
    • We completed over 500 divorces in 2018
    • We are Family Law Specialists

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    A question everyone asks.

    Now we can help you answer that question with our Divorce Calculator, it gives you a rough financial estimate of what you can expect to receive if a divorce or dissolution takes place.

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    The Divorce Process

    Stage 1

    The first step in getting a divorce involves the filing of several documents at a designated Family Court along with a Court Fee, unless exempt.

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    Stage 2

    The Court then issues the application and sends a sealed copy of the papers to both you (the petitioner), or your solicitor and who you are divorcing (the respondent).

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    Stage 3 (if the divorce is undefended)

    The respondent must then file an acknowledgement of service within 7 days, which is sent to the court. If the respondent wishes to defend the divorce, he or she must notify the court within 7 days of service. The respondent then has a further period of 21 days in which to file an answer and / or cross petition.

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    Stage 4

    Unless defended, once the acknowledgement of service has been received by the court. The petitioner can then apply for the Decree Nisi.

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    Stage 5

    This is where an application is processed for the Decree Absolute – which basically means finalising the divorce.

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