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We provide free initial consultations for clients who have personal / business assets greater than £1 million and/or income of greater than £200,000 per annum.

If you do not meet this criterion for a free initial consultation, or are not sure whether you do but are looking for a family law service to fight and win your case, please contact us as we may still be able to help you.

The cases we specialise in regularly involve asset values of upwards of £50 million. Our instructions derive from instances where one partner in the relation is an entrepreneur, senior professional or executive; a fund manager, banker or financier; the owner of, or a major shareholder in a private company; or have significant inherited assets. Instructions such as these may also involve an international aspect.

Our team are equipped to assist you if you are, or your partner is, a high net worth individual with personal / business assets greater than £1 million and/or income of greater than £200,000 per annum; or you and your partner / spouse built up your wealth during your cohabitation / marriage, you married someone who already had a substantial wealth or you have a child with someone of high net worth.

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We have meeting office facilities available, in order to have face-to-face client meetings / conferences as and when required, at the following locations:
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